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valentine art: hand made cards...



i follow free people on facebook, and yesterday they shared a little project two of their free people employees crafted up while snowed in-- hand made valentine's day cards. they used old free people catalogs which naturally contain some pretty sweet textiles. i only had one urban outfitters and one old anthro mag, but plenty of others lying around to fashion pretty hearts out of. i cut out many slightly varying sizes of hearts to begin.

i picked up a 12 pack of these red 5x7 textured cardstock cards and envelopes at acmoore for $3.49 (plus i used a 40% off coupon available on their site, so actual cost $2.10). I am sure you can find these blank cards lots of places too. i am not a fan of red, but i figured for valentine's day i'd oblige...here are some of the cards i made that will be on their way to some of my lovies in time for v-day!


inside each one i put a small heart too...

cute, huh? pictures aren't the best--sorry... now that i am looking at these again, i wish i hadn't used red, maybe next year i will go with a different color. they didn't take long either, maybe two hours total time. now i just have to address them and off they go... keep in mind this is a great idea for any occasion--super personal and lovingly made. xo

p.s. please feel free to comment or share your visiting link!


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